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Wednesday, 16 October 2019

5 budget make-up products for mums on the go

I have always been a massive lover of beauty. I actually dread to think how much money I’ve spent over the years on makeup and skincare. Every payday, I’d take myself down to Debenhams and treat myself to a few luxury items. Make-up for me was something that I enjoyed. I got excited about new products and genuinely loved doing my makeup every day and I didn’t find it to be a chore. I think partly due to insecurity too, but I never would have left the house without makeup on. EVER.
Fast-forward to becoming a mum and WOW. How things have changed! The truth is I still love make-up and on the rare occasion that I get the opportunity to go out, I love doing a full glam look. However, day to day, I just don’t have the time or the patience to wear a full face of makeup to just sit around the house and end up with half of it on Jacob’s face. I also don’t have the money anymore to be spending on high-end products that let’s face it, are wasted being sat in my drawers only being used once a month.
So if the occasion arises and I want to wear a bit of makeup if I’m leaving the house for a mum date or I just want to feel a bit more put together at home, I keep it really simple and rely on these 5 products that are cheap, but excellent quality.
After skincare, I start with this illuminating cream. It’s a dupe for MAC strobing cream but much cheaper. It’s not too shiny it just adds a lovely healthy sheen- £4.99
I swear by this Maybelline concealer. It says it’s for under eyes but it can be used all over and it has great coverage and staying power. I’m lucky enough to have pretty decent skin so I skip the foundation on a daily basis and just cover what I need to with this concealer and it does the trick - £8.99

Setting powder
I’m quite oily by midday so I do use a setting powder to set the areas where I’ve concealed and to tone down some of my shine. This one from Rimmel is light, undetectable and stays put- £6.99

I couldn’t live without bronzer. It warms up the face and gives your tired looking skin a bit of warmth, and it also helps shape the face when you’re feeling puffy. This one from Loreal is easy to blend and not too orange- £8.99

I had eyelash extensions which were a dream when I was pregnant, but the upkeep would be too much now. Plus I actually quite like the look of a bare eye. The worst part about putting mascara on is taking it off! So if I can avoid wearing it I can, but it does open up my eyes and make me look more awake. This Lash paradise one is long-lasting and makes your lashes super long- £8.99


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